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About Rocky

Welcome to $ROCKY, the top dog on BASE. $ROCKY is the cute Pomeranian Pup you may have seen popping up at Premier League football matches viewed by millions across the world. We have the strongest, most vibrant and engaged community, $ROCKY is more than just a meme coin - it’s a movement.


$ROCKY is available for trading on the following exchanges

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Our story so far

The earliest investors in $ROCKY came from the MetaWin community. Rocky is the founder of MetaWin’s Pomeranian and the team at MetaWin turned him into a Meme Coin!

After dropping a stealthy link in the Discord at $33k, $Rocky mooned to $72M market cap in three days. Following this explosion, which minted many holders with life changing wealth the amazing Rocky community have taken the reigns and have grown $Rocky to a steady 8500+ holders.

The MetaWin team have been supporting the community every step of the way, organizing exchange listings, KOL initiatives and even Premier League advertising globally to raise awareness.

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Download & install the Metamask Wallet either from the app store on your phone or the browser extension for desktop.

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Next, visit and connect your wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. Select the ERC-20 network to transfer to Base. Make sure to leave enough ETH for gas fees.

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Finally, go to Uniswap, change the network to BASE, and enter the $ROCKY contract address provided on this website. Use your ETH to swap for $ROCKY.

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